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U.S. Insider Buying for Friday, May 31
CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellSharesTotal TransactionTransaction DateCurrent PriceSEC Filing
ATRC AtriCureSalvatore Privitera InsiderBuy5,000 shares @ $22.25$111,250.005/30/2024$22.54right arrow
BHF Brighthouse FinancialMichael J Inserra DirectorBuy2,500 shares @ $43.20$108,000.005/30/2024$44.51right arrow
BHVN BiohavenJohn W Childs DirectorBuy28,000 shares @ $35.58$996,240.005/30/2024$35.10right arrow
HQL Abrdn Life Sciences InvestorsSaba Capital Management, L.P. Major ShareholderBuy8,714 shares @ $13.38$116,593.325/28/2024$13.32right arrow
IHT InnSuites Hospitality TrustJames F Wirth CEOBuy300 shares @ $388.50$116,550.005/29/2024$1.28right arrow
LEG Leggett & PlattRyan Michael Kleiboeker EVPBuy10,000 shares @ $10.95$109,500.005/30/2024$11.60right arrow
MAV Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage FundSaba Capital Management, L.P. Major ShareholderBuy19,612 shares @ $8.04$157,680.485/28/2024$7.97right arrow
MEGI MainStay CBRE Global Infrastructure Megatrends Term FundSaba Capital Management, L.P. Major ShareholderBuy18,195 shares @ $12.78$232,532.105/30/2024$13.02right arrow
MYO MyomoThomas F Kirk DirectorBuy50,000 shares @ $3.50$175,000.005/29/2024$3.41right arrow
NSC Norfolk SouthernClaude Mongeau DirectorBuy5,650 shares @ $221.00$1,248,650.005/29/2024$224.80right arrow
PEB Pebblebrook Hotel TrustJon E Bortz CEOBuy17,000 shares @ $13.67$232,390.005/30/2024$14.15right arrow
PENN PENN EntertainmentDavid A Handler DirectorBuy40,000 shares @ $14.94$597,600.005/29/2024$17.50right arrow
STEP StepStone GroupDavid F Hoffmeister DirectorBuy22,500 shares @ $44.29$996,525.005/30/2024$42.94right arrow
TALO Talos EnergyControl Empresarial De Capital InsiderBuy150,000 shares @ $11.51$1,726,500.005/23/2024$12.01right arrow
TALO Talos EnergyControl Empresarial De Capital InsiderBuy200,000 shares @ $11.48$2,296,000.005/29/2024$12.01right arrow
XMTR XometrySubir Dutt InsiderBuy10,000 shares @ $15.55$155,500.005/30/2024$15.34right arrow

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U.S. Insider Selling for Friday, May 31
CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellSharesTotal TransactionTransaction DateCurrent PriceSEC Filing
ACMR ACM ResearchHaiping Dun DirectorSell19,239 shares @ $22.63$435,378.575/29/2024$21.60right arrow
ACMR ACM ResearchDavid H Wang InsiderSell86,090 shares @ $22.62$1,947,355.805/29/2024$21.60right arrow
ACNT Ascent IndustriesPrivet Fund Management Llc InsiderSell172,995 shares @ $10.32$1,785,308.405/29/2024$10.33right arrow
AGYS AgilysysRamesh Srinivasan CEOSell50,000 shares @ $96.50$4,825,000.005/29/2024$95.47right arrow
ALGM Allegro MicroSystemsRichard R Lury DirectorSell8,500 shares @ $30.00$255,000.005/30/2024$30.14right arrow
ALNY Alnylam PharmaceuticalsAmy W Schulman DirectorSell21,700 shares @ $148.60$3,224,620.005/29/2024$148.43right arrow
ALSN Allison TransmissionRafael Basso VPSell12,624 shares @ $74.48$940,235.525/30/2024$75.81right arrow
AMAT Applied MaterialsTeri A Little SVPSell7,500 shares @ $213.02$1,597,650.005/31/2024$215.08right arrow
ARQT Arcutis BiotherapeuticsPatrick Burnett InsiderSell23,000 shares @ $8.75$201,250.005/30/2024$8.36right arrow
BAH Booz Allen HamiltonSusan L Penfield EVPSell18,522 shares @ $153.73$2,847,387.065/30/2024$152.21right arrow
BASE CouchbaseLynn M Christensen DirectorSell9,874 shares @ $25.76$254,354.245/29/2024$22.67right arrow
BETR Amplify Snack BrandsRiaz Valani DirectorSell853,339 shares @ $0.34$290,135.265/30/2024$0.33right arrow
BMRN BioMarin PharmaceuticalBrian Mueller CFOSell5,000 shares @ $75.19$375,950.005/30/2024$75.07right arrow
BROS Dutch BrosDm Individual Aggregator, Llc Major ShareholderSell16,452 shares @ $36.02$592,601.045/29/2024$35.39right arrow
BROS Dutch BrosTravis Boersma ChairmanSell264,798 shares @ $36.20$9,585,687.605/29/2024$35.39right arrow
CART MaplebearFidji Simo CEOSell6,000 shares @ $31.82$190,920.005/29/2024$30.48right arrow
CAT CaterpillarCheryl H Johnson InsiderSell1,508 shares @ $340.00$512,720.005/30/2024$338.52right arrow
CENT Central Garden & PetWilliam E Brown ChairmanSell700,000 shares @ $36.25$25,375,000.005/30/2024$43.45right arrow
CENTA Central Garden & PetWilliam E Brown ChairmanSell700,000 shares @ $36.25$25,375,000.005/30/2024$37.35right arrow
CFLT ConfluentErica Schultz InsiderSell63,729 shares @ $30.20$1,924,615.805/29/2024$25.97right arrow
COR CencoraGina Clark EVPSell27,093 shares @ $216.07$5,853,984.515/29/2024$226.57right arrow
CPNG CoupangHanseung Kang DirectorSell40,000 shares @ $23.00$920,000.005/30/2024$22.74right arrow
CRM SalesforceMarc Benioff CEOSell15,000 shares @ $216.66$3,249,900.005/30/2024$234.44right arrow
CSCO Cisco SystemsMaria Victoria Wong SVPSell3,378 shares @ $45.89$155,016.425/29/2024$46.50right arrow
CSCO Cisco SystemsCharles Robbins CEOSell26,331 shares @ $46.10$1,213,859.105/29/2024$46.50right arrow
CVNA CarvanaErnest C Garcia II Major ShareholderSell60,000 shares @ $104.74$6,284,400.005/30/2024$99.98right arrow
CZR Caesars EntertainmentFrank J Fahrenkopf Jr DirectorSell10,000 shares @ $32.52$325,200.005/31/2024$35.56right arrow
DBX DropboxKaren Peacock DirectorSell10,000 shares @ $23.02$230,200.005/29/2024$22.53right arrow
EAT Brinker InternationalDaniel S Fuller SVPSell3,611 shares @ $69.04$249,303.445/30/2024$70.63right arrow
EFX EquifaxJohn W Gamble Jr CFOSell3,650 shares @ $229.24$836,726.005/30/2024$231.39right arrow
EL Estée Lauder CompaniesJane Lauder EVPSell14,976 shares @ $121.26$1,815,989.765/30/2024$123.36right arrow
ENPH Enphase EnergyThurman J Rodgers DirectorSell319,526 shares @ $126.53$40,429,624.785/29/2024$127.90right arrow
ES Eversource EnergyGregory B Butler VPSell10,000 shares @ $56.20$562,000.005/29/2024$59.23right arrow
EZFL EZFillMichael D Farkas Major ShareholderSell106,836 shares @ $2.33$248,927.885/29/2024$2.44right arrow
FRME First MerchantsPatrick J Fehring DirectorSell23,936 shares @ $32.51$778,159.365/30/2024$33.05right arrow
FSLR First SolarAlexander R Bradley CFOSell16,051 shares @ $274.69$4,409,049.195/30/2024$271.76right arrow
FSLR First SolarMichael Koralewski InsiderSell4,646 shares @ $272.92$1,267,986.325/30/2024$271.76right arrow
FSLR First SolarMichael T Sweeney DirectorSell4,000 shares @ $273.50$1,094,000.005/30/2024$271.76right arrow
GDDY GoDaddyMark Mccaffrey CFOSell3,000 shares @ $140.13$420,390.005/29/2024$139.63right arrow
GPOR Gulfport EnergyMatthew Willrath CAOSell632 shares @ $158.83$100,380.565/30/2024$161.81right arrow
HAS HasbroTarrant L Sibley EVPSell13,000 shares @ $60.26$783,380.005/29/2024$59.78right arrow
HOOD Robinhood MarketsVladimir Tenev CEOSell45,545 shares @ $21.11$961,454.955/29/2024$20.90right arrow
HUBS HubSpotDawson Alyssa Harvey InsiderSell192 shares @ $650.00$124,800.005/29/2024$611.05right arrow
HUBS HubSpotKathryn Bueker CFOSell2,191 shares @ $650.00$1,424,150.005/29/2024$611.05right arrow
IDYA IDEAYA BiosciencesMichael Anthony White insiderSell28,500 shares @ $36.24$1,032,840.005/29/2024$36.55right arrow
INTU IntuitScott D Cook InsiderSell14,748 shares @ $567.40$8,368,015.205/30/2024$576.44right arrow
IVVD InvivydTerrance Mcguire DirectorSell112,381 shares @ $1.66$186,552.465/29/2024$1.84right arrow
MA MastercardFoundation Mastercard Major ShareholderSell104,000 shares @ $442.70$46,040,800.005/30/2024$447.07right arrow
META Meta PlatformsSheryl Sandberg DirectorSell105,000 shares @ $476.71$50,054,550.005/29/2024$466.83right arrow
MLI Mueller IndustriesElizabeth M Donovan DirectorSell2,000 shares @ $57.73$115,460.005/30/2024$58.91right arrow
MORN MorningstarJoseph D Mansueto ChairmanSell5,869 shares @ $287.16$1,685,342.045/30/2024$288.25right arrow
MRNA ModernaNoubar Afeyan DirectorSell20,000 shares @ $145.08$2,901,600.005/29/2024$142.55right arrow
MU Micron TechnologySanjay Mehrotra CEOSell7,000 shares @ $132.14$924,980.005/29/2024$125.00right arrow
NNBR NNRaynard D Benvenuti DirectorSell236,104 shares @ $3.14$741,366.565/29/2024$3.25right arrow
NOW ServiceNowNicholas Tzitzon InsiderSell2,000 shares @ $690.99$1,381,980.005/30/2024$656.93right arrow
NSIT Insight EnterprisesHoldings L.P. Valueact DirectorSell450,000 shares @ $192.49$86,620,500.005/29/2024$195.50right arrow
NTRA NateraGail Boxer Marcus DirectorSell2,000 shares @ $110.17$220,340.005/30/2024$106.53right arrow
NVDA NVIDIAMark A Stevens DirectorSell9,939 shares @ $1,130.17$11,232,759.635/30/2024$1,096.33right arrow
ORLY O'Reilly AutomotiveLawrence P Oreilly DirectorSell1,500 shares @ $949.50$1,424,250.005/29/2024$963.26right arrow
PACK RanpakMichael Anthony Jones DirectorSell15,625 shares @ $6.41$100,156.255/30/2024$6.24right arrow
PAYC Paycom SoftwareChad R Richison CEOSell1,950 shares @ $159.88$311,766.005/30/2024$145.32right arrow
PCOR Procore TechnologiesJoy Driscoll Durling InsiderSell5,700 shares @ $69.01$393,357.005/29/2024$67.13right arrow
PCOR Procore TechnologiesWilliam Fred Fleming Jr SVPSell10,000 shares @ $68.98$689,800.005/29/2024$67.13right arrow
PLXS PlexusTodd P Kelsey CEOSell1,000 shares @ $109.50$109,500.005/31/2024$110.14right arrow
QTWO Q2Jeffrey T Diehl DirectorSell27,248 shares @ $62.51$1,703,272.485/29/2024$60.82right arrow
RBLX RobloxDavid Baszucki CEOSell5,724 shares @ $33.30$190,609.205/30/2024$33.62right arrow
SITM SiTimeTom Dang-Hsing Yiu DirectorSell1,333 shares @ $127.00$169,291.005/30/2024$121.82right arrow
SITM SiTimePiyush B Sevalia EVPSell1,242 shares @ $125.36$155,697.125/30/2024$121.82right arrow
SWKS Skyworks SolutionsRobert A Schriesheim DirectorSell25,433 shares @ $90.27$2,295,836.915/30/2024$92.66right arrow
TEAM AtlassianScott Farquhar CEOSell8,241 shares @ $161.00$1,326,801.005/30/2024$156.86right arrow
TMDX TransMedics GroupStephen Gordon CFOSell20,000 shares @ $141.40$2,828,000.005/29/2024$136.40right arrow
TMDX TransMedics GroupDavid Weill DirectorSell1,193 shares @ $141.65$168,988.455/29/2024$136.40right arrow
TRVI Trevi TherapeuticsThomas Sciascia InsiderSell53,368 shares @ $2.55$136,088.405/29/2024$2.57right arrow
USPH U.S. Physical TherapyChristopher J Reading CEOSell2,900 shares @ $100.26$290,754.005/30/2024$102.57right arrow
VRTX Vertex PharmaceuticalsCarmen Bozic CMOSell2,280 shares @ $445.56$1,015,876.805/29/2024$455.34right arrow
YMAB Y-mAbs TherapeuticsBo Kruse CFOSell31,371 shares @ $12.07$378,647.975/31/2024$12.10right arrow
ZM Zoom Video CommunicationsKelly Steckelberg CFOSell5,007 shares @ $61.58$308,331.065/29/2024$61.34right arrow
ZNTL Zentalis PharmaceuticalsCam Gallagher CFOSell9,597 shares @ $11.98$114,972.065/31/2024$11.88right arrow

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Top Insider-Buying Stocks (Last 30 Days)
CompanyShares PurchasedTotal Cost of Shares PurchasedNumber of Insider PurchasesNumber of Insiders BuyingCurrent Share PriceMarketBeat Consensus RatingMarketBeat Consensus Price TargetRead More
VSTS Vestis2,810,579$28,301,263.00128$12.32Hold$16.38right arrow
BCRX BioCryst Pharmaceuticals103,601$596,338.0066$6.46Buy$14.00right arrow
SHEN Shenandoah Telecommunications24,463$363,095.0066$18.81Moderate Buy$25.00right arrow
MAC Macerich163,365$2,358,681.0055$15.12Reduce$14.71right arrow
MMLP Martin Midstream Partners2,087$6,059.0095$3.11$0.00right arrow
CMTG Claros Mortgage Trust193,000$1,393,140.0075$7.89Reduce$9.50right arrow
CION CION Investment3,210$39,983.0044$12.51Hold$11.75right arrow
BOW Bowhead Specialty100,839$1,804,361.0044$26.80$0.00right arrow
CTOS Custom Truck One Source73,000$293,560.0044$4.77Moderate Buy$7.80right arrow
GRNT Granite Ridge Resources8,500$54,265.0044$6.55Buy$8.45right arrow

Top Insider-Selling Stocks (Last 30 Days)
CompanyShares SoldTotal Cost of Shares SoldNumber of Insider SalesNumber of Insiders SellingCurrent Share PriceMarketBeat Consensus RatingMarketBeat Consensus Price TargetRead More
ALTR Altair Engineering228,139$20,125,164.00149$87.33Moderate Buy$94.60right arrow
CFLT Confluent321,927$10,011,196.00107$25.97Moderate Buy$33.04right arrow
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co.67,257$13,122,928.0077$202.63Moderate Buy$194.10right arrow
META Meta Platforms127,888$60,852,032.00107$466.83Moderate Buy$509.80right arrow
Ryder System84,129$10,598,226.0087$121.47Hold$126.83right arrow
UCTT Ultra Clean45,021$1,980,924.0077$46.38Buy$57.00right arrow
TDW Tidewater522,260$56,302,715.00106$103.33Buy$98.00right arrow
TEAM Atlassian82,720$14,606,039.00156$156.86Moderate Buy$223.22right arrow
Zillow Group54,134$2,355,477.00106$40.95Hold$56.20right arrow
ZG Zillow Group54,134$2,355,477.00106$40.15Moderate Buy$57.40right arrow

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