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Stock Sectors

This page shows a list of stock sectors in the United States, broken down by number of companies, today's price change, market capitalization, and share price. Click on the name of a Sector to view public companies categorized as being part of that sector. Learn more about investing by stock sector.

SectorsNumber of CompaniesToday's ChangeTotal Market CapAvg. Market CapAvg. Share Price
Aerospace56-1.06%$812.69 billion$14.51 billion$101.27
Auto/Tires/Trucks114-3.60%$1.37 trillion$11.99 billion$30.26
Basic Materials211+0.63%$1.78 trillion$8.43 billion$40.95
Business Services457+0.32%$3.30 trillion$7.22 billion$30.91
Communication Services35-27.06%$54.49 million$1.56 million$2.32
Computer and Technology796-0.77%$23.98 trillion$30.13 billion$56.01
Construction114+0.76%$1.01 trillion$8.84 billion$169.92
Consumer Cyclical44-6.74%$68.17 billion$1.55 billion$11.60
Consumer Discretionary348+0.71%$2.24 trillion$6.45 billion$35.85
Consumer Staples186+1.15%$2.74 trillion$14.75 billion$46.19
Finance1,125-8.37%$10.69 trillion$9.51 billion$598.72
Financial Services635+0.10%$4.88 billion$7.68 million$998.36
Industrial Products207-0.23%$1.64 trillion$7.91 billion$71.94
Industrials64-5.15%$30.75 billion$480.54 million$17.71
Manufacturing164+0.10%$421.75 billion$2.57 billion$46.48
Medical1,351-3.65%$7.75 trillion$5.74 billion$23.42
Multi-Sector Conglomerates35+1.72%$462.93 billion$13.23 billion$94.61
Oils/Energy289+0.66%$3.60 trillion$12.46 billion$33.56
Real Estate34+0.82%----$16.47
Retail/Wholesale240+0.95%$5.55 trillion$23.11 billion$116.04
Transportation146+0.84%$1.27 trillion$8.67 billion$47.59
Unclassified202-2.54%$26.52 billion$131.28 million$10.55
Utilities108+2.38%$1.44 trillion$13.29 billion$42.62


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